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Use our free service to connect with customers and grow your business across leading advertising and social media platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Advertising.
Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft Garage Project
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Digital Marketing Center is a central platform to efficiently manage social media and paid search and social advertising.
Let Microsoft’s artificial intelligence help amplify your advertising results by automating ad creation, keyword management, and optimizing budget allocation across multiple platforms.
View key metrics to analyze audience engagement and your search and social campaign performance.
With Digital Marketing Center you manage your social presence for free and pay only for search and social ads.
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Digital Marketing Center is:
A free service that provides a central platform to efficiently manage your online presence and marketing across paid search advertising, paid social advertising, and social media. You pay only for advertising costs.
Powered by AI to make managing your online presence easier! Set your advertising goals, targeting, and budget, create a few ads, and let AI help with the rest. No keywords or bid management needed. Your budget is automatically distributed across platforms to get the best return on your investment.
What markets does Digital Marketing Center support?
Digital Marketing Center currently supports businesses in the United States that advertise within the United States.
Do I need a website to use Digital Marketing Center?
That depends on what you want to do – if you’re planning to use Digital Marketing Center to manage your social media profiles, you don’t need a website. If you want to use Digital Marketing Center for your paid advertising campaigns, then yes, you’ll need a website.
Can I stop my ad campaigns or my social media management?
Of course! To stop your ad campaigns, just pause or delete the ad campaign. To stop managing your social media at any time, disconnect your social media profiles.
Why can’t I sign up for Digital Marketing Center using my existing Microsoft account?
If you’re using your Microsoft account for Microsoft Advertising, you’ll have to use a different Microsoft account or create a new one for Digital Marketing Center.
Manage your campaigns across channels and platforms: With a few simple steps, get your ads showing on search results pages (Bing and Google) and on social media (Facebook and Instagram). You can choose to do just search advertising or both search and social advertising.
Create multi-channel ads with text, images, and video: You can be as hands-on with your ads as you like. Build original ads from scratch, use our automated ads, or modify ad copy suggestions with your own creative spin.
Automated ads and keyword management: Use our automated ads or get ad copy suggestions that you can modify. No need to research keywords and manually adjust bids. Digital Marketing Center automatically generates keywords, monitors performance, and optimizes ads and budget distribution to maximize ad campaign results.
Social media management
Easily integrate with major social media networks: Seamlessly integrate Facebook and Instagram into one central dashboard.
Manage engagements from one inbox: The social management inbox is your one-stop shop for liking, replying, and direct messaging on Facebook, and Instagram. With a single intuitive interface, it's easier than ever to stay connected with your customers and reach more prospects in the ways that matter to them.
Publish content: Keep each part of your audience engaged by scheduling content to publish across Facebook, and Instagram.
View advertising analytics in a unified dashboard: Review performance metrics like impressions, clicks, and spend for your search and social campaigns across multiple platforms in one place.
Social media analytics across multiple platforms: Review key metrics like impressions, engagements, and audience growth for Facebook and Instagram all in one place. With these analytics, you can see how you're performing and adjust your strategies accordingly.
Digital Marketing Center is free to use, with no upfront or monthly costs, and you’ll only be charged for ad spend on ad platforms. You won’t need a credit card to manage your social media profiles with Digital Marketing Center, but you’ll need to add a credit card if you want to run search and social advertising campaigns.
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